CCTV -wide IP cameras solutions

CCTV : wide IP cameras solutions

Security is vital.

CCTV and access control management are the 2 main Llines of work to garantee the security of your people and buildings.

Our CCTV psecialist team provides you with the best advice for the  placement and technical specifications or the video cameras.

Where to install cameras, for outside or inside use, night and/or day vision, medium or long depth view, are some of the issues you need to workout.

All our products are connected to a digital recorder equiped with large hard disc capacity.

For a perfect security strategy, we can combine your CCTV products with our Beelock IP full security software.

Beelock built in graphical supervisor enables customised presentation of vital information on as many screens as you need.

The symbiosis between video surveillance and Beelock IP will allow you to popup a live video on any pre-programmed alarm information to let the security team take the best decision and act fast.

Images are saved in the hard disc of the recorder and histrories can be cross checked with Beelock IP system events at any time.

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Strategic cameras place is vital votre your security











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