Company - history of Dubois Industries

With over 80 years of experience, we offer you to share with you some key dates in our history ...


Establishment of the factory with an area of current 4000 m², with 2 foundries and 2 finishing lines

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Dubois Industries celebrates its 50.000.000  produced on its assembly lines.


Dubois Industries creates : KEEPER.

An autonomous access control system before garde.


Dubois Industries creates : KEEPER NOMADE.

An access control technology that broadcasts access critical information to the doors using the badges of users as a vehicle.


Dubois Industries creates : KEEPER BOX.

The electronic keys management cabinet having a full traceability of loans.


A new generation of economic locomotives door locks was born


Dubois Industries decided to allocate 10% of its resources on innovation and focuses its efforts on its 4 lines of products by announcing more than 20 innovations for 2009.


Dubois Industries star it’s new ecological designed products.

From their on all our innovation strategy is built arround « eco-design ».


in 2011 Dubois Industries celebrates its 75 years of continuous innovation.


Dubois Industries receive the ADEME AWARD (from the French Ministery of Environment) for the creation of the ecological door handles cunsuming 40% less ressources than any other traditional door handle.


Beelock : the new generation of acces control that can be installed on any lock



Creation of a new production space of 500 m² to support the permanent growth of our patented technologies.



Opening dmultiple strategic accounts in industry, aeronitic and defense.

Lunching Bicode, une new generation of stand alone access control dedicadeted to our distributor.


Lunching of Dubois Bio Medical département spécialized in decontamination of products, based on our a new Dubois Virus Killer DVK patent 













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