DINKEYWEB -key booking solution

DINKEYWEB : Your own booking solution

for cars and meeting rooms

Dinkeyweb is a booking software that is integrated to our electronic key cabinet AGRID.

How it works ?

Each user can access his own account by using a personal ID and password.

Once connected, the user can either chooses

   - a specific key  (car/meeting room) to book, then clic on the date he wants to book,

   - or a specific date to book and clic on the key

either ways, a booking process can be done in 4 few seconds.

The user can book only the keys the administrator has allowed him to book and must respect the périod of booking.

Example : if the user is allowed to book a key from monday to friday, he will not be able to book a key on the weekend.

Dinkeywe free's the administrator from any paper work. In 2 clicks he can see all the booking list, and have all the live tracability of borrowed keys.

If he wants, he cas export the tracability to integrate them in manual or automatic report charts and calculate operating time and decides of futur investments to come or economies to ba made.

Usually, our clients return on investment is made in less than 5 mounth.

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